Passion on the Floor game (English)

It’s new, it’s exciting, it’s FUN

All employees working in the hotel industry, pay attention!

Soon you can play this amazing game! It’s mix of Ganzenbord, Triviant and Twister. It’s full of questions, exercises, challenges, etc. You play in teams against each other. This means that teamwork is very important. 
And… the game is available in English!

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A mix of Ganzenbord, Triviant and Twister, specially developed for the hotel industry

“I could play this game for hours” says restaurant employee Jesse

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Educational and fun

This is no ordinary game. Passion on the Floor is designed to stimulate you and your team with challenging knowledge questions about the hospitality industry and hands-on assignments, all aimed at the hospitality industry (hotels and restaurants). Learn everything about wines, ingredients, dishes, hospitality and Social Hygiene, while you roll the dice and challenge your opponents to exciting duels.

Teamwork makes the dream work

You have to work together to win this game. The Passion on the Floor game strengthens the team spirit and improves cooperation between you and your colleagues. Work together to take on the challenges, strategize, and defeat the opponents. Show that you are the most hospitable team with the most hospitality knowledge!

Determine your playing time yourself

Whether you have fifteen minutes, half an hour or an hour to spare or even want to fill an entire evening, everything is possible. You can also designate a winner after fifteen minutes: the one with the most achieved categories. But beware: it can be addictive, because what is the next question or assignment..?

Space for conversations

As you play the game, conversations about hospitality naturally arise. The knowledge questions and do-assignments inspire discussions and bring new insights to the surface. Perfect for team meetings, training sessions, or just a pleasant evening with your team. Also fun to play during the ‘closing drink’ after your shift.

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How does the game work?

There are 6 different categories:

Passion for Eating & Drinking, Passion for Safety, Passion for Catering, Passion for Hospitality, Passion for Doing and Passion for Conversations.
Some categories contain a knowledge question, others a case or a do-assignment. The game leader has an important role in this; which determines whether the answer is good (enough). Because the teams play a game, they remember the answers to the questions better. Because if they don’t know what gazpacho is now, they will after this game! And can you uncork a bottle of wine or fluently list all room numbers?

Let’s play!

Sustainable game

You can play this game for years, with different teams. Do you have several branches or high turnover? Then even better to buy this game!

The game always remains in a good condition due to the quality of the floor game. You can wash the material. The questionnaires are of high quality and do not wrinkle. You can write on the playing cards with a whiteboard marker (included) and wipe them out again after the game. This way the cards will last for years.

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