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Did you know that a bad experience is usually shared with an average of 11 people?

And did you know that these 11 people, on average, pass it on to 5 more people? This means you could be losing a significant amount of revenue… Hospitality is more important than ever. Your guests want to feel welcome, they want to be seen and heard. By treating them as individuals, not just numbers, they will appreciate the hospitality, spend more, and come back. Not every employee naturally acts hospitably. Sometimes training and/or coaching are necessary. Your team can be trained to sell better, exceed expectations, and handle complaints to satisfaction. Your trained team ensures that guests will return. Isn’t that what you want too?

Would you like to find out what I can do for you?

Help, a complaint!

Many employees feel anxious about handling a complaint from a guest. Complaint handling can therefore be a subject for the training. I would be happy to discuss the content of the training with you.

Yes, tell me more about Training
Coaching is nonsense

Many people think coaching is nonsense. However, it is a fact that coaching can be effective. By asking the right questions, you and your team can learn to reflect on attitude and behaviour. I offer team coaching and individual coaching for all layers of the organization.

You can tell right away that Joske has a background in coaching.
Ooh, Coaching, tell me more!
Oh dear, standing in front of a group…

Not everyone stands easily in front of a group. Do you have employees on your team that you think should learn to coach or train? Or do you want to learn this yourself? I can learn the tricks of the trade by using the train-the-trainer program.

Joske also provided me with excellent guidance and training to effectively carry out my role as a sales trainer. I even had the privilege of undergoing one-on-one training with her, which benefited me greatly.
What will you teach me?

Who can I help?

I can assist anyone dealing with guests, customers, clients, passengers, or patients.
Recently, I went to have lunch at a restaurant. I was greeted warmly, my sandwich was quickly brought to the table, and I was asked if everything was to my satisfaction. It was a decent experience overall. However, I wouldn’t rate it higher than a 7 or 7.5 in a review because I didn’t feel truly seen or special, and nothing extra was done to make me want to come back. Nowadays, we need to do more to achieve a 9 or 10 rating. We have to exceed expectations, create WOW moments. By giving extra personal attention, being proactive, attentive, and above all, daring, we can improve reviews and therefore increase revenue.
Joske gets people moving. If you’re looking for training or a workshop in the field of hospitality, Joske comes highly recommended.
If you let me work with your team, I will show your employees during the hospitality training how they can exceed guests’ expectations. I do this by using interactive, practical exercises. An actor can also participate in the training. As your employees work on their skills, their job satisfaction will increase, hospitality will improve, and as an additional benefit, you won’t have to be present for 60 hours per week anymore. Meet for coffee?

Do you work in the hospitality industry? Then check out my video about this awesome game!

If you would like to start working on the hospitality level in a playful way, then have a look at the Passion on the Floor game for hospitality workers. A game that I could play for hours! Form teams and play untill there is a winner! I created it in English, so your whole team can join! I want to know more!

What problem can I solve for you?

You probably recognize one of the following points:
  • High turnover
  • Only finding untrained staff
  • Having to be on the work floor too much yourself
  • Mediocre reviews
Sound familiar? In the video below, I explain how I’m going to solve this for you.
Joske is a very passionate trainer. She is very pleasant to deal with, very flexible and empathizes well with the organization. Our (32) employees have experienced Joske as very pleasant and knowledgeable.”
Check out my solution here!

Who am I?

Check out this video and find out what characterizes me as a trainer and what sparks my energy.

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