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Jorn Metternich- Frontoffice Manager Monet Garden

“Passion4Guests has trained our Front Office team with great passion and enthusiasm in proactively responding to guests’ wishes, actively approaching guests, following up complaints and much more. This has increased the knowledge, skills and insight of each employee.”.

Deniz Mermer-Koc- Hotel Manager Zaan hotel

“For the new Zaan Hotel to be opened, we have received training on hospitality on location for employees from various departments. It was an instructive training, the content of which was very broad and very suitable for the hotel industry. All colleagues have experienced the Passion4Guests training as pleasant and can immediately apply what has been learned on the floor. The customized “role plays” are also very good in terms of content and everyone has received many tips to take hospitality to a higher level. As a trainer we found you very clear and you conveyed your message with passion and enthusiasm. We definitely recommend your training courses for the hospitality industry.”

Manon Klaren- Marketing Manager Löhr Horeca

I appreciated the accessibility of the training and how a wealth of useful information was presented in a digestible manner. Joske is calm, empathetic, and adept at understanding others, and she responds well to their needs. She taught our team new insights and methods for communicating with each other.

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Sofie Bent – Hotel Manager Beachhouse Hotel Zandvoort

Joske shadowed us at the Beachhouse Hotel in Zandvoort to provide on-the-job coaching in Hospitality with the aim of enhancing guest satisfaction.
Joske exudes a natural enthusiasm, making her tips resonate well with the team.
She is driven and passionate about hospitality and seeks that same passion in the teams she trains. With her experience in the luxury segment, she has keenly identified areas for improvement and provided us with practical tips that we can easily implement.
It’s truly the finishing touches that Joske has added. The question she posed to us: How do you ensure that every guest leaves with a ‘wow’ feeling and gives you that 10, because everyone has delivered perfect service to the guest.

Gijs Goijaerts- Hotel Manager

For Hotel & Chateau Marquette, Joske conducted the team focus day. From the preparation stage (via phone and email), Joske was very professional and pleasant to work with. Joske also managed to keep the client (myself) sharp by asking insightful questions about our own performance (in a coaching manner). The team focus day itself was well-organized. Joske is adept at catering to different participants’ needs. Despite most participants not being accustomed to sitting for long periods, Joske continuously challenged everyone.
With her experience in the hotel industry, Joske possesses a wealth of knowledge about hospitality and offers many useful tips. Even in her own training sessions, Joske maintains a high level of hospitality; you can tell she has experience in the luxury segment of the hotel industry. This ensures that Joske can deliver a great experience until the very end.

Gina Staijen – District Manager

We invited Joske to hold a session on hospitality during our Balanz Cafe day. There were 3 identical sessions, each lasting 1 hour. Of course, Joske could easily fill an entire day discussing hospitality! However, even in the limited time she had, she managed to create an informative and interactive session that made colleagues more aware of hospitable behavior towards each other and towards guests/customers.
Thanks again for this, Joske.

Silvia Streep 

Joske provided us at AgruniekRijnvallei with a customized training, and she did a fantastic job. Joske is energetic, highly skilled, has an eye for detail, and is a great source of inspiration. We wanted to offer more hospitality over the phone in our administrative department. With practical tips, we can now further implement this ourselves. Definitely recommended to attend one (or more) of her training sessions.

Team Nieuwleven Texel

Joske has a keen understanding of people. That’s the first thing you notice as soon as she starts speaking to a group. She doesn’t lecture companies on how everything should be different, but rather aims to provide alternative insights or ideas. She takes you through her personal experiences, narrated so vividly that it almost feels like you were there. The training sessions aren’t boring because Joske effortlessly senses how a group reacts and what they need.

Peter Huijsen-Head of Nutrition

Joske is a passionate trainer. Very pleasant to deal with, very flexible. Is very involved, understands well how the organization works. Our employees who have been trained by her (32) have experienced Joske as very pleasant and knowledgeable.

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Marian van Olphen- Zandvoort Marketing

Passion4Guests facilitated the hospitality workshop organized by Zandvoort Marketing for various entrepreneurs from Zandvoort.

Why did we choose Joske?

She previously conducted a workshop at the Beachhouse Hotel in Zandvoort. They were very enthusiastic about her and wholeheartedly recommended Passion4Guests. This made the choice of trainer very easy!

The collaboration with Joske
The collaboration with Joske was very pleasant, from coordination to execution. During the workshop, she made contact with each participant, which quickly fostered a sense of connection within the group. You can immediately tell that Joske has a background in coaching.

The experience during the workshop
In terms of content, she provided many real-life examples and connected with the various businesses present. As a result, participants left with a backpack full of inspiration, and thus our goal was achieved: making Zandvoort even more hospitable!

Miriam Geerlings – Koninklijke Horeca Nederland

Joske is an experienced and passionate hospitality expert. She adeptly delivers the message in a humorous and down-to-earth manner, ensuring that participants actively engage and remain engaged throughout. Additionally, she ensures there is a good follow-up afterwards, a sign that she genuinely cares about the people she trains and maintains a professional approach.