About me

I dare say that I am passionate about the hospitality profession. I am always and everywhere improving the hospitality. I already did this when I was still working in the hotel industry. Then I enjoyed exceeding the expectations of the guests, often in a creative and personal way. Now I want to transfer this passion to other hospitality fanatics. Because I have hospitality experience at a high level (Ambassade Hotel in Amsterdam), I am a certified teacher and coach and I am good in languages, I am a real professional who can enthusiastically provide training in four languages (NL, EN, DU, FRE). . And as icing on the cake, I can offer an actor during the training sessions. I look forward to the pleasure of working with you!


Joske Kuut

Hospitality Expert, trainer/coach

A real connector, creative in training,



Eltjo Kuut


Can play any type of guest, energetic, valuable addition to a training.



Introduction movie

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